The Second Coming of “The Second Coming”

 #poetry        #data    #ephemera   In 1919, W.B. Yeats wrote “The Second Coming,” an apocalyptic poem that warns of the collapse of European civilization. “The Second Coming” is his most famous work, and choice bits like “things fall apart” and “slouching toward Bethlehem” have been part of the vernacular for nearly 100 years. Recently, […]


Are You Ready for Prepper Fiction?

There are many differences between postapocalyptic literature and prepper fiction, including a propensity for obsessive list-making and unsettling paranoia.

A Sense of Reckoning in Chinese Apocalyptic Fiction

#china #ephemera   America. The Land of Opportunity. A car in every garage, a chicken in every pot, and a zombie novel in every backpack. We can have it all, including imaginative works of world’s end writing. But across the Pacific, Chinese apocalyptic fiction hardly qualifies as a genre. “The American canon is rich in […]

Break the Cross

Break the Cross: The Islamic State’s Eschatology

#islam #ephemera   The New York Times recently published an opinion article called “The Problem with the Islamic Apocalypse.” While the headline smells faintly of clickbait, the article offers more than a whiff of interesting analysis. The author, Mustafa Akyol, strings together the links between modern warfare in Syria and elsewhere, clashes between Islam and […]