Dark Kitchen of the Soul

Food is one of the first things that we think about in the morning. So, it’s a given that we’ll have strong feelings about our relationship to food during the collapse of human civilization.

Ten Billion And/Or Bust

What happens when the “population bomb” detonates in a land of middle-class suburbs? The jury is out in the ongoing debate between “wizards” and “prophets.”

"The Last Man" by John Martin, 1849

The Last Man by Mary Shelley

Almost everyone dies in The Last Man, but it’s fair to say that in Mary Shelley’s 1826 novel the extinction of mankind is an afterthought.

It’s The End Of The Wort As We Know It

In addition to tasty notes of goji berries and rose hips, you’ll get “all the necessities to ‘potentially’ outlast the apocalypse” with a new beer from Dogfish Head brewery.