New Moon: The Second Act of the Unification Church

The latest news from the Unification Church reads like a perfect storm of American liberal paranoias: AR-15-toting theocratic Asian conservatives. As it turns out, they also have eschatological visions built into their day-to-day.

Introducing: Silica Magazine

Check out a new online magazine which self-describes as “a travel guide to the environmental apocalypse.”

New Fiction: “The Epidemic” by Dino Buzzatti

Originally published in 1965, Dino Buzzati’s short fiction collection Catastrophe and Other Stories has been republished for our calamitous times. The Italian author’s tales of everyday collapse resonated with the post-Mussolini, post-WWII readers, but their odd and foreboding stories still bite.

Generation Why

New reporting about the retirement savings habits of young people has exposed an apocalyptic sentiment among left-leaning Millenials.